Paradigm shift! (maybe)

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shiftOoh…Looky here.

Shifting from wordpress to tumblr.



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Amano Tsukiko

After for quite sometime of not read her blog and when I did, Amano gave me a shock of my life!

From her blog she wrote that she is having “eye problems” and told us “not to worry”.

I hope everything is fine for her.

Thumbs up!

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This house cease to operate.


Not once.
Not twice.

Everyone is busy in being free that they do not bother to answer phone calls or door bells.

Good job!


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Pretending not to be hurt is tough.

Masquerade then.

Protected: Blah~!

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Listening to Michael Jackson’s songs right now.


Goodbye Michael. :(

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If you can’t respect someone when he’s alive, at the very least respect him when he is gone.

Michael’s gone.
My uncle casually broke the news to my mother while I was in slumber early morning.
It bolted me up from my sleep and made me rush for my laptop.
Googled up his name ‘Michael Jack son’ and 1st result read “Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest”.

I felt devastated by that news and hoped it was a hoax.

He made up quite a portion of my childhood.

I remember him appearing in news making visits to Africa (I memory still serves) and donating to Charity.

Especially with this game…


Listening to his songs makes me emotional.